Pixel Jump V2!

A Handful of Bugs and a Total Rebuild!

This iteration of Pixel Jump is totally separate from the last, in that I've literally rebuilt the entire game since I posted the first build.

There's been a few major changes worth noting; the level size has doubled from 300 to 600, meaning they are literally twice as long. There are also now 19 levels instead of 5, bumping the total play time to about half an hour when I played through to check. I also added a new mechanic; a jump pad that allows you to jump over higher walls. That and cleaning up some of the animation, and an admittedly rather cringe worthy start to a story type affair is all I've added, but hopefully this'll be fun to play.

A Couple Things To Note:

I am aware that on one of the levels the obstacle blocks seem to float, but I couldn't find which one when I was trying to fix it, so it remains broken. The other thing I am aware of is that there is no pause button or way to save progress, which was fine when the game took 5 minutes or so. Now it's longer, though, it's a bit of an issue, and I recognise that. I'm going to try and figure out how to implement those things in an update at some point, hopefully soon, I promise.  You can pause if you press the start button, and I am also aware that some of the Level Complete screens are sized differently, but I'll get to those.  I'll probably cut out a few of the levels I'm less happy with before I post up another version, since it literally took half an hour for me to play and it honestly seems a bit overkill, especially when (at this point) the arcade style part of the game you see here isn't really meant to be the focus of the game. 

Hopefully this is fun to play for anyone who's interested, so take care! 


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32 days ago

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